Denver, Colorado's #1, highest rated 5-star organic salon, eco-friendly beauty & wellness shop, Art Gallery, Artist Studios and local jewelry and apparel gift boutique in the heart of The Denver Arts District

773 SANTA FE DRIVE, DENVER, CO 80204 | 720.255.0958.
Denver's only Certified Green Salon, Art Gallery, and Jewelry and Apparel Boutique


We are currently closed until further notice to do our part to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus. Well our little team has been busy busy busy and we are totally overbooked, so until we are able to expand our team of stylists, we currently are unable to accept any new clients. We really hate turning new clients away especially with so many new clients calling everyday but for now we need to make sure our current clients are being served well, to our standards and are able to get in to see us. We are actively searching for stylists to join our team and hopefully we will be able to start accepting new clients again this spring/summer. Big thanks to all of our clients and family and friends who bring us so much joy and success everyday! Thank you! We love you all so much! My Hair Trip Organic Salon Denver is Colorado's only certified green, organic hair salon, art gallery, and jewelry and apparel boutique. This 5 star-rated hair salon, in the Denver Art district on Santa Fe, is an environmentally friendly salon and gift boutique carrying selling & supporting local jewelry and apparel. The space acts as an active art gallery and event space in Denver, CO as well. This eco-salon has brought together a team of top hairstylists who are friendly and attentive and built a unique and comfortable salon space utilizing repurposed and sustainable materials where possible, to offer the Mile High City an awesome experience on every visit. My Hair Trip Salon Denver specializes in Organic hair care and can provide all the best natural hair care products and services available today.

Certified Green Business (Join the sustainable movement)

We have teamed up with the City of Denver and the Department of Environmental Health, and worked with a Sustainability advisor in the Certifiably Green Denver Program to analyze, and update our sustainable practices in our energy use, how we dispose of our waste, how we conserve our water, and our transportation options. Since 2014 My Hair Trip Salon Denver is officially a certified, registered green business.

My Hair Trip Organic Salon is also the only salon in the state to be members of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.

In 2016 My Hair Trip partnered with Green Circle Salons in order to increase its sustainability efforts further. Through the partnership with Green circle, My Hair Trip is able to recycle all of their waste sustainably, including color tubes, foils, hard to recycle plastics and metals, and even old tools and appliances.

In 2017 My Hair Trip upgraded the salon to a smart thermastat hvac management system and switched to LED lights in their bathrooms, breakrooms, artist studios and offices and in the overhead lights in their salon suites.

My Hair Trip Salon is Denver's eco-friendly, organic hair salon. Conveniently located at 8th on Santa Fe Dr, in the Denver Art District in downtown Denver, My Hair Trip is a five-star rated hair salon in Denver with top hair stylists who take the time to really listen to what clients want. Specializing in chemical-free products and services, This organic salon is Denver's only organic hair salon, active art gallery, and all local jewelry and apparel boutique. Look Good. Feel Good. Be Good. My Hair Trip.


Organic Hair Salon | Art Gallery | Jewelry and apparel Boutique


The #1 Organic Salon in Denver, We are professional hair care, coloring, waxing, styling, haircuts, art gallery, boutique, organic hair care products, chemical-free services.



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Look Good. Feel Good. Be Good.

Hours: Tuesdays 10am - 8pm, Wednesdays 12pm - 5pm,
Thursdays: 10am - 8pm, Friday: 10am - 6pm, Saturdays 9am - 4pm, Gallery open late on First Fridays.