Angelo, what does inspire you most?
“Inspiration can come from so many different places, but the essence of the natural world is surely what inspires me most. Mother Nature surrounds us and permeates every aspect of our life with boundless beauty that will never stop to fill with wonder the eyes of those who want to see it. I am indeed very curious and I think that inspiration is basically all about curiosity and passion for what you do: if you don’t have that hunger for knowledge, then you are just missing so many chances of discovering and inventing something new, both in hairstyling and in life.”
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Where does creativity meet hairstyling?
“I think that creativity is a recipe made of many different ingredients: inspiration sources, individual sensitivity and, last but not least, the love and dedication to your profession, hairstyling in my case.
One of my objectives in hairstyling is to step outside the box, to create something that seems impossible and unexpected, that pleases my eyes, mind and soul, but nevertheless my philosophy is always to make a woman look beautiful and modern. Originality often means eclecticism, a mix of elements coming from different forms of art, that’s why to work with hair I also search for inspiration from other fields that are not necessarily the hairdressing one, such as fashion industry, photography, architecture, design and contemporary art. I like to collect, combine and experiment, translating all the ideas and re-elaborating all influences in various ways: besides my salon work, my creative collection productions and magazine shooting works, I design hair for art curators for fashion exhibitions.
I love hairdressing and if you love something in life you automatically become loyal and truthful to it. Hairdressing is my passion, through good and bad times and I always stick with it. Every day I look forward to my job. I definitely believe creative hairdressing is an art form in itself, a vital visual force to complement other arts.”

If we ask you to tell us the name of a hairstylist who represented a turning point for your career…
“The first name that comes into my mind is for sure that of Trevor Sorbie, a real hairdressing icon, who has inspired the whole sector at a worldwide level, becoming a mentor for many of today’s top hairdressers, thanks to his ability of always combining perfectly the highest quality standards with the most excellent hairdressing. Working with him for 15 years was a very meaningful and enriching life experience, he became like a father to me and I feel very grateful for what he gave me from both a professional and a human point of view.”

What is new, in your opinion, in the latest hairstyling trends?
“While rushing through the professional day by day routine, a hairdresser, like all the other artisans, sometimes runs the risk of forgetting to focus on some basic aspects of his craft, missing some great chances of adding value to his work.
I think that this is the moment to rediscover the creative potential of blow-drying that, in my opinion, is precious like an accessory to be worn, the final expert touch that enhances the beauty of a style. I’m working with Davines on something new, an homage to this special craft, to give it back its artistic dignity. I perceive the blow-drying as an art, and I want to invite all the hairdressers to realize their own masterpiece with hair. You’ll discover soon what I am talking about, I hope that you’ll enjoy it and that you’ll have fun!”
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    Yoga Poses to Tame Holiday Stress Instantly

    Take a break from in-laws, company and holiday budgeting with this easy mood-soother


    The holidays are a joyous time filled with treats, gifts and togetherness; it’s also filled with company that stays too long, nosy in-laws and some stress on the checkbook. The American Psychological Association reports that, during the holidays, 69 percent of people are stressed from lack of time, 69 percent from lack of money and 51 percent over the pressure to give or receive gifts.

    Rather than hitting the gym to burn off tension and anxiety (face it, you’re not making it there over the holidays), turn to these stress-relieving yoga poses from Nadia Narain, yoga instructor to stars like Reese Witherspoon and Kate Moss. “I like yoga, because you need to be connected to your breath, and it works on the nervous system as well as the physical body,” says Narain.

    In her new DVD, “Everyday Yoga for Stress Release,” Narain focuses on three areas of practice — one for burning off tension with strengthening, flowing poses; another for when you’re burnt out and exhausted, in need of lighter activity; and a third to relieve emotional stress (i.e. the sure-to-happen-at-least-once family fight). Here, the yoga poses for relieving all your stressful holiday woes.

    If a Flight Home Isn’t in the Cards
    The main cause of emotional stress during the holiday season: loneliness. If you’re stuck in a different city than family or mourning the loss of a loved one, release tension with this upbeat, non-traditional pose.

    The Pose:
    Bouncing Release

    Start in a standing position. Stretch your arms up and over your head, and begin shaking out your wrists, relieving tension from the body. Start loosening your fingers, hands and arms as you shake. “Releasing stress, tension, unwinding, undoing,” describes Narain.

    Start to bounce through the knees, beginning to jump. Move your hips side-to-side and keep jumping for 30 seconds.

    Slow down to a standing position, but keep shaking out the arms and wrists. Keep breathing, softening the shoulders, then reaching your arms up and stretching to the sky, inhaling as you do so. Next, exhale, releasing the arms down.

    Narain instructs to breathe in and out as you feel the energy running through you, stretching your arms and neck if you’d like.

    After the bounce and release pose, step to the front of your mat and bring your hands into prayer position. Inhale, reaching your arms up, then exhale, bending forward and bringing your hands to your shins.

    As you inhale, straighten your arms and lift your chest, bringing your head up slightly. Then as you exhale, bring your hands back behind your legs and your head down. Inhale, stretching all the way up and bringing hands to the sky. Then exhale, dropping back to your shins. Repeat the sequence one to two more times.

    Why It Soothes:
    “I created this sequence with a few different elements that are not strictly yoga poses,” says Narain. “Just allow a bit more freestyle, rather than being strict with instructions and alignment.” You can also add cobbler’s pose to the end of the sequence to release tension further.

    When Your In-Laws Are Driving You Crazy
    If you find yourself grinding your jaw or taking to the eggnog a little too heavily, you’re probably feeling some pent-up tension and stress. To burn it off, add more movement into your yoga routine.

    The Pose:
    Strengthening, Flowing Sequences

    Start at the front of your mat with your hands in prayer position. Inhale, reaching arms up to the sky. Exhale, folding down at the waist and bringing your fingertips to your toes. (Narain advises to bend slightly at the knees if you feel too much pull.) Inhale, lifting the chest and stepping your right foot back into a lunge. As you exhale, move into downward facing dog. Inhale, going into a straight-armed plank pose. Then as you exhale, press back into downward facing dog again.

    Next, inhale, lifting your arms above your head and bringing yourself into crescent pose (a high lunge with arms stretched over your head). Hold this pose for a breath or two, sinking slightly deeper into the pose if you can.

    Bring both your hands to the ground and step your feet together at the front of your mat. Inhale, reaching arms up and above your head, then bring them back into prayer position. Repeat the sequence on the opposite side.

    Why It Soothes:
    Narain created the tension-burning segment of her DVD to have more flow to invigorate your body. “Both a slow practice and a little more fluid practice are beneficial, depending on how we feel. Sometimes we need to conserve energy, but other times we need to build the fire a bit more.”

    Photos: Republished with permission from “Everyday Yoga for Stress Release with Nadia Narain.” To see Narain’s full sequences, you can purchase the DVD on Amazon now.

    Article found at: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/slideshows/relaxation-techniques-yoga-141215/page4

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