Small Businesses Go Green, Using More Environmentally Friendly Products and Practices

“Many company owners use environmentally friendly cars, recycle materials and buy biodegradable office supplies because they care about what happens to the environment. It also makes good business sense, making their companies more competitive and lifting employees’ morale.

W&M Properties, a New York-based real estate company that also has a construction affiliate, has switched its fleet of more than 25 pickup trucks to hybrid Ford Escape cars. President Tony Malkin said of the hybrids, “they pay for themselves in the fuel savings.” He noted that most of the company’s driving is done on local streets, and called the pickups’ mileage “appalling.”

W&M has also implemented recycling programs in the buildings it manages, including ones that handle discarded computers — “it’s what you’re supposed to do, but people don’t do it,” Malkin said.

The company also is recycling about half the materials it’s removing from a project being done for Pitney Bowes. “You’re using less landfill space, and it’s product that can be used again in the future,” Malkin said.

Malkin said his company is using more green practices because “the current way of doing business is destructible.” But, he said, “people want to do business in an environmentally sustainable fashion and we are at a competitive advantage by moving the needle toward green.”

There are many ways that companies can go green. Some of them are simple, and basic, such as conserving energy with appliances and equipment that aren’t power guzzlers. Recycling is a very common way to go green. So is buying paper and other supplies that are made with recycled material.

There are plenty of resources detailing how to go green on the Internet, in bookstores and in libraries. Environmental groups have information as well.

Mark Mandel, co-owner of Mark Drugs, a Roselle, Ill., pharmacy, said his business recycles even though the local government doesn’t have a recycling program.

“It’s an extra effort, but we feel it’s important to be conscientious about the environment,” he said.

Mandel said paper from computer printouts is sorted, with blanks pulled out, saved and reused. His company hasn’t needed to buy prescription pads since it started recycling.

He also finds it’s good for morale. “The staff realizes you are concerned,” he said, and noted that the good feeling generated by his attitude filters down to their interactions with customers.

“Everyone takes a team attitude,” he said.

The company plans to construct its own building in the future, and Mandel said it will be a green building.

Of course, for some companies, their reason for being is green, for example, organic food stores or manufacturers of clothing made from natural fibers only.

Floorworks, a Toronto-based hardwood flooring manufacturer, sells green products — it says its wood comes from forests that have been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, a group that aims at managing forests in an environmentally friendly way. Co-founder Brian Greenberg said the company also donates a percentage of its profits toward the replanting of rainforests.

Greenberg said the company wanted to help fight the deleterious effects of climate change. “One of the problems we can address through the sale of our products is to be involved with reforestation.”

That kind of activism appeals to many consumers, who are often drawn to the idea that the money they spend can be doing good for the world. But they’re also looking for products and services that are good for them — Greenberg said his company has thrived by selling flooring that isn’t covered with polyurethane, but that’s protected by oil. That stops plastic particles from going into the air, he said.

The Greenhouse Grille, a Fayetteville, Ark., restaurant, sells organic food and uses as many environmentally friendly products and services as it can find. Clayton Suttle, a co-owner, said he and his partners have eaten organic food for years because of its health benefits, and “when we were looking into opening a restaurant, it just kind of carried over.”

“We’re trying to go as much so-called green as we can,” he said.

The partners weren’t sure from the get-go that their concept would work. But organic food has become very popular in their area, and the fact that local organic farmers were selling their meat and produce to the restaurant has helped.”

From: Joyce M. Rosenberg, Associated Press
Published April 19, 2007 12:00 AM

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    Men’s Grooming Trend: The Barber Shop Shave

    The following and setting of trends is one of the many things that makes fashion great, but it’s not something normally associated with men’s grooming. Sure you get hairstyle trends, but they tend to be very closely linked to the en vogue fashion of the moment. I’m talking about movements dedicated solely to men’s grooming; the products we use, and the look that they create. But this is starting to change. Products, brands, ideas and philosophies are evolving and recently I’ve been seeing signs of the first men’s grooming trend – Barber Shop.

    It’s a concept that I touched on in my recent grooming for grooms article, with an increase in guys opting for a more traditional shave in the run up to a special event. Here I’ll explore the roots of the barber shop trend, the brands leading the way, and the products that buy into the traditional barber shop mentality.

    The Inspiration
    The fashion industry is continuously obsessed with vintage, so too is popular culture. Whether it’s a second hand leather jacket from a thrift store, or dusting off the Nintendo 64 – we love all things old school. So in terms of traditional values, barber shop very much continues the nostalgic feel. And while there are no direct links to specific style trends, the barber shop grooming movement pays homage to many aspects of film and fashion. You only have to look at the TV we’re watching (Mad Men anyone?) or the fashion collections urging us to be ‘real men’ (French Connection in particular) to see where we’re drawing our barber shop inspiration.

    So how does this all translate from a couple of key influences in to a fully fledged grooming trend? Well you can forget your pentapeptides and your star ingredient from the forests of Outer Mongolia. The barber shop trend is underpinned by luxury, masculinity and quality; drawing influences from the traditions of a long standing industry while adding touches of contemporary style.

    Vintage Shaving Company
    One of the brands at the forefront of the traditional, barber shop re-emergence is Vintage Shaving Company. An idea born in a Kings Cross pub (like all the best ideas!), Vintage Shaving Company set about creating something original, not just another product in the marketplace or something to make a quick buck, but a brand with real values and personality. One look at the 8 products on offer and it’s clear to see that the masterminds behind this young, innovative brand have nailed it.

    Inspired by the traditions of gentlemen’s barbers, blending contemporary design and modern values with natural ingredients, recyclable materials and advanced formulations, their products are made in England with real quality and style. But as I’ve stated on these pages on more than one occasion, there’s no point in your products looking great, and having all the style in the world if they don’t do the business.

    Forming the Vintage Shaving Company range and lining up in two banks of four, the Trad Collection and the Mod Collection each feature an Exfoliating Face Wash, a Shave Cream, a Daily Face Balm and a Eau de Toilette – formulated with either the Trad, or Mod fragrance.

    The Trad Collection
    Trad. n. Of, relating to, or being a tradition. A 1950s popular culture term.

    Inspired by the traditions of the old school barber shop, The Trad Collection provides the ultimate in men’s luxury with striking packaging inspired by the red and white barbers shop poll and the finest quality ingredients.

    The Mod Collection
    Mod. n. An unconventionally modern style of fashionable dress originating in England during the 1960s. A term associated with style-conscious rebellion.

    adj. Fashionably up to date, especially in style and design.

    The striking unique fragrance forms the centrepiece of the contemporary yet vintage Mod Collection. The design screams Mod, while the fragrance and products scream quality and individuality. So much so that the Mod Eau de Toilette has cemented itself as one of my fragrances of choice, and one of my grooming products of the year so far.

    The Mod Collection
    Mod. n. An unconventionally modern style of fashionable dress originating in England during the 1960s. A term associated with style-conscious rebellion.

    adj. Fashionably up to date, especially in style and design.

    The striking unique fragrance forms the centrepiece of the contemporary yet vintage Mod Collection. The design screams Mod, while the fragrance and products scream quality and individuality. So much so that the Mod Eau de Toilette has cemented itself as one of my fragrances of choice, and one of my grooming products of the year so far.

    Having tried and tested all products and fragrances within the range, I can say that Vintage Shaving Company backs all its style (and boy is it stylish) with equal amounts of substance. Not only do the products perform brilliantly, but the entire range is awash with personal touches that make this brand stand out in the ever crowded grooming market. With their values hinging on quality products, style and originality – Vintage Shaving Company are setting a new standard for men’s grooming. No longer will our men’s grooming products play second fiddle to their seasoned and professional female counterparts. We have a brand that’s tailored to all our needs, taking inspiration from traditional grooming practices and vintage style, to form one of the best contemporary grooming brands around.

    Top Barber Shop Products
    As well as Vintage Shaving Company, there are other stand out traditional barber shop products currently plying their trade in the grooming market. There are products from the old school, products from the new generation, and products combining the best of both worlds. But each choice below has one thing in common – they all bring the best of traditional barber shop grooming, and all the style, charisma and high performance workmanship that comes with it.

    Pre Shave
    The pre shave routine is a real focal point of the barber shop ethos. Typically something that guys neglect in favour of a quick splash of warm water, this three pronged attack lays luxurious foundations for the shave ahead. First out of the blocks is one of the big guns – the hot towel. Softening stubble, opening pores and providing a generally invigorating experience, and it’s the cornerstone of traditional barber shop routines. For a modern take on the hot towel I recommend the Liz Earle For Men Cleanse and Polish Starter Kit, as it not only offers the hot towel experience, but a high performance cleanser to rid your skin of impurities too.

    Next up, a Pre Shave Oil provides further beard softening properties, while also helping to lubricate extra tough stubble. Those with oilier skin types may wish to skip this step as it can leave skin feeling a little greasy, but it’s a god send for those who regularly experience redness and irritation.

    And finally, the barber shop accessory of choice – the shaving brush. It’s probably the simplest way to incorporate a little tradition into your shave routine, and it’s also one of the most effective. There are a plethora of high quality brushes available on the market, but there are two that stand out for me. Firstly the Kent Traditional Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brush adds some old school style to your bathroom, not to mention shaving quality. But I’m also a huge fan of the men-u shaving brushes, with the Barbiere brush providing performance that will revolutionise your routine at a cost that won’t break the bank..

    But let us not forget, your shave brush is nothing without it’s trusty shaving cream…

    The Shave
    A pillar of the barber shop movement, and a key ingredient in the luxury feel of these grooming tactics, a lathering shaving cream is absolutely vital. Many shaving brands have one in their arsenal, but few have the quality and comfortable shave credentials of this bunch. Dab a small amount to the end of your chosen shave brush and lather until your hearts content, followed by a shave that will not be beaten.

    Traditional Barber Shops use a cut throat razor, but we’re not looking to cut off a chunk of our chin during our morning routine so there are some stylish alternatives that don’t lose an ounce of creditability. Parker do an excellent range of safety razors that offer a reassuringly weighty handle to compliment the chrome finish, whilst the eShave Razors are perfect for those who prefer a conventional razor but still want and added touch of vintage style.

    Post Shave
    To complement our earlier handwork, the traditional way to finish a shave is with a quick splash of aftershave, but things have moved on since the 50s and we’re more inclined to opt for an aftershave balm nowadays. Combining the traditional idea with all the qualities of a modern aftershave balm, a quick splash of these post shave soothers and you’re chances of irritation and dryness will evaporate.

    So there we have it, the Baber Shop Grooming Trend in all its traditional and luxurious glory. With the shaving and skincare market still on the rise, I’m sure this will be the start of many grooming trends in the coming months – so you’ll be the first to hear when one next emerges. In the mean time, if there’s a grooming topic you’d like me to cover or a problem in need of a product, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to offer my advice.

    Article by Duncan Copeland | @pour_homme / http://www.fashionbeans.com/2011/grooming-trend-barber-shop/

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      More than a top salon Denver

      My Hair Trip Salon Denver continues to grown and evolve. It’s a ton of fun watching the process and seeing the end results. We are, of course, a top hair salon in the city of Denver. We are Denver’s newest eco-friendly hair salon specializing in chemical-free products and services. My Hair Trip Denver is your one stop shop for all of your organic health and beauty needs.

      My Hair Trip, along with being one of the top salons in Denver, is a boutique as well. We carry hats, sunglasses, shirts, scarves, ties, wallets, purses, necklaces, earrings, pendants, pins, Colorado state flags, and tons of eco-friendly health and beauty products. We are always adding more and more local designers to our shop and it is so great to be able to sell their stuff for them. We love making people happy.

      We are also now carrying all natural, vegan, hemp ice cream sandwiches. We got Mocha Mint, Unbleached Vanilla, Double Dutch Chocolate, Mango Love, Jasmine Flowers, all organic sugar free, gluten free, all delicious. If you’ve ever been to Red Rocks for a show then you’ve likely crossed paths with a mythical character named Aqua Das or just “Das” for short, he has been slanging these delicious natural ice cream treats at shows since the 70’s. Now My Hair Trip Salon Denver and Das have joined forces and it is awesome!

      So we are Denver’s newest hair salon and boutique with apparel and accessories, we are also a barbershop. We do full men’s services including straight razor shaves. We keep it old school at our salon and barbershop. We are a Salon Denver. Salon Denver we are. If you are looking for a quality haircut and/or shave we got you covered. We want to be the best salon Denver.

      My Hair Trip Denver is also an active art gallery. Our salon is located in the heart of the Denver Art District, at 8th and Santa Fe in downtown Denver. Right now we are displaying 12 different local artists and 15 different designers. We have paintings, photography, woodworking, jewelry, crafts and all sorts of awesome stuff from some of Denver’s most creative people. So fare our clients are loving being able to be surrounded by art as we help them relax, recharge, and get the look they want.

      We are a professional eco-friendly hair salon with a focus on being green and giving our clients the look and the feel they want. We are a barbershop featuring old school straight razor shaves and barber-style cuts. We are a boutique featuring local designs and goods, and we are an active art gallery with new art constantly rotating through.

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