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My Hair Trip Salon Denver

My Hair Trip Salon is Denver's only certified green organic hair salon, art gallery, and jewelry and apparel boutique. Are you looking for a great place to get a great haircut, a beautiful organic color service, or an awesome hairstyle? This eco-salon, in the Denver Art district on Santa Fe is a 5-star rated hair salon, located in downtown Denver, Colorado. This environmentally friendly salon has brought together top hairstylists who are friendly and attentive and built a unique and comfortable salon space using repurposed materials. My Hair Trip Salon Denver specializes in Organic hair care and can provide all the natural hair care products and services available today and into the future.
We are known for our energizing, peaceful atmosphere, our highly trained, attentive stylists, and our organic approach to health and beauty. (Our Clients also really love the complimentary refreshments of organic coffees and teas, beer and wine that are offered with every service) My Hair Trip is Denver's top five-star rated organic hair salon. All of our products and services are free of harmful toxins and chemicals, so that our clients can be beautified from the inside out, and can have peace of mind that their health is always a priority with us, as well as their beauty and look. All of the companies we do business with practice sustainability, not only in the ingredients of their products but they are all eco-friendly in their packaging and shipping as well; and on top of that, all of our products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Some of our product lines even partner with local farms where they are based for their organic ingredients and even put the farmers names on the bottles. There really is no other salon in Denver doing all that we are doing, and we work everyday to keep getting better, that is our guarantee. So give us a call or come check us out, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take. Look Good. Feel Good. Be Good. We are Denver's Organic Salon.

Founder: Nicole Zamora

Nicole Zamora began working in the beauty industry in Wisconsin nearly two decades ago, working in hair salons and spas, and had previously worked at a hair salon in downtown Denver for almost five years. Specializing in hair behind the chair, she also focuses on bridal hair and makeup. For many years, she was a salon booth renter,hair stylist and makeup artist,using the business name My Hair Trip as her sole proprietorship with the dream that one day, it would become a real hair salon of her own. Over the years, it became clear to Nicole that she wanted her salon to stand out as a green, eco-friendly business with a focus on not only creating beautiful hair, but also on being conscious of the salon products we use on our heads and bodies. Nicole has a passion for finding healthy alternatives for almost anything and now feels ,through My Hair Trip Salon Denver, there is a platform for which she may encourage others to do the same. My Hair Trip Salon also sees the importance for community outreach. “We not only want to give people beautiful looks on the outside, we want to give back to the community around us, giving us beautiful looks on the inside as well. Hence, we came up with: Look good. Feel good. Be good. It embodies who we are and what we will aim for. We will strive for our clients to leave our salon feeling gorgeous and enlightened. ” - Nicole -

Paul Zamora

Nicole's husband and business partner, Paul Zamora has always been an entrepreneur, even since he was running his school store in junior high in Littleton, Colorado. In high-school he started a lawn care company, Student Lawn care, which he owned and operated into his college years, eventually managing several employees and booking full summers of work as well as contracting snow removal jobs in the winter. Paul went to school at Metropolitan State University, majoring in journalism and psychology. Paul also owned and operated a production company while bartending in downtown Denver. The bar that Paul was working at had been open about 3 years when Paul took over as the bar manager. The business was failing and the owners thought Paul could possibly turn it around. Over the next several years Paul devoted all of his time and energy into making the bar profitable. Today it is one of downtown Denver’s most popular and profitable bars. Paul is now taking what he has learned from his previous business experiences and applying it towards My Hair Trip Salon Denver. Paul and Nicole now join their skills together, and with their powers combined they bring Denver a certified green, organic salon with a focus on what the client wants, and achieving that through the utilization of natural health and beauty products and services. The My Hair Trip family hopes the shop can be an example of what a green, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious business can be, and what effects it can have on a community. Look good. Feel good. Be good. Denver's Organic Salon is here.