Caring at our core

Having fun at Denver’s #1 customer rated sustainable beauty shop! We are not the only place in Denver where you can find non-toxic professional health and beauty products and services, but we are the only place with sustainable choices that offers an experience like we do. No one else puts caring at its core like we do. That is why we have more 5 star online customer ratings and reviews than any other eco friendly salon in the state of Colorado.

We love working with hair and makeup. Our team is built of highly trained, professional stylists and makeup artists, but that is not what sets us apart. We are involved with fundraising efforts for some amazing organizations who help those in need and we are dedicated to service within our community, but that is also not what sets us apart from other salons and businesses in our industry. There are lots of salons that have highly trained professional stylists. There are lots of salons that are involved within there communities and who do what they can to contribute to just social causes. Heck we aren’t even the only salon in town where you can find non-toxic options for your hair and makeup anymore.

What it is that sets us apart from the other salons in our industry is that which is at our core.
Care is at our core. Care is at our core as a business. Care is at the core of each of us who work in this company.
We care.
We genuinely care with our every fiber. We care about our clients. We care about the environment. We care about our community. We care about each other.

We care about our clients. We care about our clients as though they are our friends and family, because to us, that is exactly what they are. When someone comes to our salon, from the second they walk through our door, their needs are what we care about. We serve. That’s how we care. My Hair Trip is a place to put your problems aside, a place to take a deep breath and forget about the worries of the world. A place where people are genuinely interested in you and your life. We help people center themselves and leave us looking good, feeling good, and feeling able to be the best versions of themselves. Like ripples in a pond, as people who look and feel good go out into the world energy is dispersed with their every interaction. This is our belief and it is how we work everyday to make this world a better place. Everyday becoming closer to the world we imagine it can be.

We care about our environment. At this point, saying things like this can almost sound cliche, but its true, we care about our environment. We know too much. We care about the toxins people are putting on their hair and skin. We care about the waste and toxins that are being dumped all over our planet and into our water, all when we know that there is another way, a sustainable way. We care about future generations and the legacy we leave for them. We care about the world and how it is as well as how it can be. As the only salon to be members of Colorado’s Environmental Leadership Program the (ELP), we consult each year with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs about what we are doing for the planet and what we can do differently to be the most effective in healing and protecting the environment everyday, now and into the future.

We care about each other. We have a small team and we have decided that it is important to us that we always will. Because of this, as we work together, we become close. We all support each other, in our professional lives, and in our personal lives as well. We hold each other accountable to be our best selves and to work always with our mission and our goals in mind. We have shared goals and a shared vision which enables us to do this. All of us have made sacrifices to be involved with this company as it has grown from its inception two and a half years ago to where it is now. There have been immense challenges and many victories as well as defeats. We are not yet where we want to be, but we have come so far already and we can all see where we are going and how we are going to get there. By the end of the year we will be one of only a handful of salons in the world who will be “salary based” rather than commission-based. This move will enable us to revolutionize what it means for our team to choose a career in the beauty industry. Our industry is a “service” industry and for some reason members of this industry have been historically left out of receiving benefits and have been forced into a “feast or famine” commission-based pay scenario. Not any more. Within the next few years all of our full-time team-members will be eligible for benefits such as paid time leave, medical, dental, workman’s comp, 401k and retirement planning and investing, the same as their contemporaries who work in other industries. Stylists, barbers, makeup artists, estheticians, nail technicians, salon managers, and receptionists all work hard and deserve access to the same benefits that people working in “non-service” industries have access to. We can not even express in words how pumped we are to make this vision a reality for our team and hopefully, eventually, for the whole of our industry and all service industries!

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