My Hair Trip: The Organic Salon Denver

Our guests and our clients will always leave us feeling good about having come to our salon. They won’t always know what it was exactly that affected them in such a different way than any other salon they’ve ever been to. It will be the big things but mostly their experience, subconsciously, will be about all the little things.

We offer the highest quality non-toxic beauty products and services available, but that is not the main thing that we offer as a business. The main thing that we offer as a business is a one of a kind guest experience. We give our guests and clients a consistent positive experience on every visit in which we cater to their needs in a genuine and professional manor.

Part of the guests’ experience is that the salon is always neat, clean and organized. Our dress is always the same, neat, clean and organized. Every interaction the guest has with our business sends a message and sets an agreement with our guests. If our front desk is messy or cluttered the guest sees that and it sends them the message that our business is messy and cluttered. If our dress is sloppy or uninspired then the message to our guest is that we are sloppy and uninspired.

When we offer our guests drinks or snacks and we continue to check in on them throughout their services it sends a message to our guests that they are important to us and that their needs are being attended to without them having to ask anybody to tend to them.

When a guest sees our team helping each other it sends a message that we are a community and that we are motivated by more than just our own individual needs.

Every first visit to our business sets an agreement to our guests of what to expect when they visit us. The experience must be a positive one and it must be the same every time so not to violate the agreement that has been set between the business and the guest.

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