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Davines’ new ‘farm to shower’
line explores beauty from inside out

By Katie Harrington

Every salon brand has a distinct culture and philosophy. There are the old-school barbershops, the upscale lofts, the family-operated neighborhood shops, blowout bars, color-centric studios. And then there’s Davines. When the brand was founded more than 30 years ago in Parma, Italy, it quickly emerged as a leader in the eco-friendly movement. The family-driven company has always done “what they believe in,” and what they believe in includes: healthy, “homemade” and effective products; passionate, like-minded hairdressers; authenticity (of products, education and spirit); and, most importantly, sustainable beauty. But the folks at Davines know that sometimes beauty can be, well, only skin deep. So with a lineup of “green” initiatives and a brand new, sustainably sourced product line, they are setting out to prove that a haircare company has the power to deliver beauty outside and in.

You Say You Want a Revolution?
For Davines, the question has always been, “What else can we do?” To Davines Owner Davide Bollati and his network of salon owners, stylists and educators spread across 85 countries, the answer lies in the details, especially when it comes to their beliefs about eco-mindedness and sustainability.

For example, all Davines offices currently use renewable energy, and its new factory—set to open in 2017—will not only use renewable energy but will incorporate a biodiversity garden. More than a decade ago, the company stopped using plastic bags, and this year, they took it a step further, replacing all FSC paper bags with reusable cotton shoppers; a first in the industry.

Another detail in the story has been Davines’ Sustainable Beauty Week initiative. Now in its fourth year, the event coincides with both Earth Month and Earth Day and encourages Davines salons to “think globally, act locally.” While each salon has a unique take on the event (some offer free haircuts for donations, others create a sort of beauty farmers’ market—selling local, handmade products) the goal is the same. All funds raised during the week go to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, a non-profit that plants edible fruit trees in communities in need to alleviate hunger and improve the local air, soil and water.

In October, the brand launched its “I Sustain Beauty” campaign, a program that encourages people to develop a project related to the theme of beauty “in its widest sense”—i.e., not just personal beauty, but also beauty as it relates to art, society and the environment.

“Davines is a company that explores beauty in different forms,” says Davide. “And we thought it was about time to activate our Davines ‘tribe’ around the world to become activists, to become beauty sustainers and to make the world a more beautiful place.”

Essential Haircare: Beauty and Biodiversity
In keeping with his mission to combine ethics and aesthetics, Davide believed the natural next step was to create a new product line that reflected the brand’s core values. So earlier this year, Davines partnered with the Slow Food Foundation—a global nonprofit that preserves food and agricultural biodiversity by connecting local farmers with alternative markets—to launch the next generation Essential Haircare. The concept is truly unprecedented. The line is comprised of nine product families. Each contains one specific active ingredient from a Slow Food farm in Italy and the name, face and story of the farmer who grows it with care and passion. Whether it’s a Minuta olive from Sicily or a turnip from Piedmont, the ingredients are sourced from all over the map—literally. The line takes the ideas of transparency and provenance to the next level, while raising awareness of biodiversity through the window of beauty.

One Slow Food farmer is Francesca Simonte, a melon producer from the Italian city of Trapani. For years, Francesca and her family have grown and cultivated the Paceco Cartucciaru yellow melon, whose extract is an active ingredient in the Essential Haircare Momo shampoo, conditioner and hair potion. Like Davines, Francesca’s farm is a family business, where she and her husband, both agronomists, work their land with their children. Until recently, the Cartucciaru melon was at risk of extinction, but thanks to support from the Slow Food Foundation and Essential Haircare, Francesca and her family received the resources to revive the crop and their farm, and are now dedicated almost exclusively to the cultivation of artisanal products.

According to Davide, Essential Haircare represents “the good soul of a project.” The product line is a direct representation of the brand’s original philosophy—to respect people, their context and the environment in which they live. The formulas contain high percentages of natural, biodegradable ingredients free of sulfates and parabens. The products themselves contribute to the protection of biodiversity by incorporating selected ingredients extracted from crops that are at risk of extinction.

“With [Essential Haircare], we wanted to reset the basis for sustainability standards,” says Davide. “We wanted to combine sustainability and performance. I think we have achieved that with the Essential Haircare line.” Indeed, as concerned as the brand is with issues of sustainability, they believe fervently that performance and sustainability must coexist in all of their products.

Part of the Movement
Since the launch of Essential Haircare, the reaction from Davines salons has been overwhelmingly positive, from stylists and their clients.

“The stories are really the best part of the Essential line,” says James Alba, Co-Owner of the B Hive Organic Salon in New Jersey. “It lends itself so well to opening up a conversation with clients about doing the right things for their bodies, for the planet and for the community. Our clients love the fact that we know all the ingredients of our products, inside and out.”

Kurtis Brown, Co-Owner of DesignHouse Salon in British Columbia, agrees. When Kurtis opened his salon three years ago, he fell in love with the philosophy of Davines, and he believes this philosophy extends throughout the entire Davines community. Essential Haircare has given Davines stylists like Kurtis a new reason to be excited about the brand, and has reinvigorated this feeling of community.

“Our clients are part of our movement,” says Kurtis. “That’s what separates us from others. Concepts like Essential Haircare deepen our relationships with our clients to a level where our retention is higher and our footprint in the community is better represented.”

Blood Runs Deep
Ask any Davines salon owner, stylist or client, and they’ll tell you there’s definitely something “special” about the brand. Whether it’s the family-owned component, their commitment to the environment, their unique aesthetic or their desire to support local communities, everyone agrees there’s something about the brand’s philosophy and beliefs that you just “get.” Look at what people are saying about Davines on social media and you’ll see words like “soul,” “culture” and even “movement” used to describe the rise of the brand.

“You know when you meet somebody and you just click?” asks Kurtis. “It’s like you feel you’ve known them from a past life—like you have a soul contract with them in some capacity. That’s what it feels like with Davines, because it’s deeper than most product lines. It’s because everything they do comes from such a deep place.”

As Davines continues to grow, the mission remains the same—to offer a humanistic approach to business, to inspire and be inspired by its multicultural fabric of hairdressers and to sustain beauty in all of its forms.

“Davines is not about surface level beauty,” says Kurtis. “They really are about the movement to make this world a better place through beauty. And that’s pretty rare.”

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    My Hair Trip 2nd Annual Summer Bash!

    Saturday August 15, 2015 – 2nd Annual End of Summer Bash at My Hair Trip Salon and Gallery! There will be Lip Sync Battles! Open Bar! Free Drinks provided by Deep Eddy Vodka! Food Truck Dinner! Karaoke DJ! Art Auction! Prizes and Shenanigans Galore!

    Join us as we celebrate making it 1 year as a business! We are so grateful to all of our friends, family, staff, and clients that we want to throw a party in appreciation.

    We have had a few customer appreciation parties at the shop so far and we just love everyone coming down and letting loose and partying with us. We are lucky enough to know such wonderful fun people and we can’t help but to try and get you all together in one room as often as we can.

    If you have any questions about the party shoot us an email at myhairtrip@gmail.com

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      How a Hair Color Allergy Changed My Life: A Hair Stylist’s Story

      As a Hair Stylist, I always knew my job would take me places, I just never thought that place would be a hospital.
      At the time of this story, I’d been doing hair for 10 years, and was an Educator for one of most respected brands in the industry. One day, after working countless hours at the salon and education center, I finally had the opportunity to get my hair done!

      Believe it or not, when you’re a busy Hair stylist, time doesn’t always allow for this – so, I was excited.

      After the color was rinsed, I headed home very pleased with the results, but was in no way ready for what came next. Within hours, my body started to swell. I started running a dangerously high fever, and my throat began to close.

      This was by far one of the scariest moments of my life, I had no idea what was going on. After being admitted to the hospital, they ran a series of blood tests and the results were shocking:

      I was having a potentially life threatening reaction to the ingredients in hair color – pigments and ammonia, to be exact.

      After spending a week in the hospital (completely disfigured, by the way – see photo), I thought my career as a hairdresser was over. How could I continue to color hair, or have my hair done when my body had developed a very serious hair color allergy?

      Hairdressing wasn’t just a job to me – it was my life and greatest passion. It was (and still is) the reason I rise every morning, full of excitement. After weeks of endless research, I realized there was a possible option for me. I was uncertain if it would work, but I wasn’t about to let my career end over an allergy to chemicals in hair products.

      That’s when I made a discovery that changed my career and life, for the better. My research brought me to find Organic Color Systems, a UK-based company, who had actually been producing safer salon products for over 15 years.

      I was shocked I hadn’t heard of them, but was very impressed with their ingredient lists, company ethics (they’re certified vegan and cruelty-free) and devotion to the health of the Hair Stylist.

      My research also revealed this line was solely created by Hair Stylists who had a team member that could no longer use chemically-laden salon products. I wasn’t alone with my struggle! The whole reason Organic Color Systems existed was because of professionals (like me) who developed a hair color allergy – so, I decided to give it a go.

      To my surprise, not only did I not have a reaction, but my hair actually looked and felt healthier than ever before. That’s all it took for me to get absolutely hooked on these products.

      Fast forward 5 years.

      I’m now the Technical and Education Director for Organic Color Systems in all of North America. I travel around the world to teach other stylists about this healthier lineup of products. Many still aren’t aware there are salon products on the market that respect the health of Hair Stylists and their businesses.

      That’s why I’ve made it one of my life’s missions to continue to educate our industry on organic and natural salon products. Most of us won’t even consider these type of products until you’re like me, and don’t have any other option.

      So, I’m here to tell you there are safer products out there that still perform at the professional level. There’s a whole wave of Hair Stylists and companies who are here to change salons for the better. And I truly feel if we stick together, one day the entire industry will never have to compromise health for creativity.

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        Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Sun Tanned Skin – Guest Article by Vaileria Dennis

        The summer doesn’t always come with good news for your skin. Skin tanning usually occurs after prolonged exposure to sunlight, which leads to a dull complexion. Depending on your skin type, you should always look for a particular formula to remove the sun tan. Instead of getting lured into buying expensive skin creams or lotions, there are some natural methods that can be effective in removing the tan. It doesn’t mean that all expensive cosmetic products are safe and efficient in dealing with skin issues like tanning. Some could be potentially harmful to your skin. Here are some simple and effective natural home remedies to get rid of sun tanned skin:

        1. Yoghurt

        If you have a dull complexion resulting from sun exposure, you should think of yoghurt as a useful and pocket-friendly approach for minimizing the tan. Other than making your skin radiant and glowing, yoghurt also cools your skin and reduces skin redness. Also, it tightens your pores for a smooth and supple skin.

        Simply take a cup of plain yogurt and add juices from one cucumber and one tomato.
        Add ½ cup of gram flour and mix thoroughly to form a viscous paste.
        Slather the mixture on your face as well as your neck
        Allow it to dry for 30 minutes
        Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your face dry
        Apply a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or more

        You can also use some fresh yoghurt on your skin before taking a shower. For improved results, add lime juice and tomato juice to the yoghurt.

        2. Raw Potato

        Raw potato can go a long way in alleviating dull complexion resulting from sun tanned skin. Raw potato is rich in vitamin C, which is essential in nourishing the skin and fighting free radicals that cause cell damage. Also, it works as a natural bleach and also helps to soothe sunburn.

        Take two to three medium-sized potatoes
        Peel off the skin and cut them into chunks.
        Place them in a juicer or a blender and blend to form a paste.
        Slather the paste generously on the affected areas of your skin
        Leave it to dry for about 30 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.
        Pat your skin dry and moisturize

        To enhance the results of raw potato on sun tanned skin, add some lemon juice before applying it on your face.

        3. Cucumber

        Cucumber juice is also another excellent natural remedy for diminishing a sun tan. On top of eliminating a sun tan, cucumber is also useful for soothing your skin if it is irritating or itching. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C to fight free radicals, moisturize your skin and tighten your pores.

        Take two tablespoons of fresh cucumber and a teaspoon of lime juice.
        Add a pinch of turmeric
        Mix thoroughly to form a paste
        Gently massage the mixture to the affected areas of your skin.
        Leave it to dry for 30 minutes before rinsing off with cold or lukewarm water
        Alternatively, rub freshly cut slices of cucumber directly on your skin

        Enhance the outcome of cucumber on your skin by adding lime juice before applying it.

        4. Gram Flour

        Gram flour is very crucial in treating sun tan. It works as exfoliant, assisting in the removal of dead skin cells, leaving your skin both youthful and radiant. To treat sun tan, you can get gram flour from your local market or prepare your paste using whole green gram.

        Mix the gram flour with water and slather it on all the affected areas of your skin
        Leave it to dry for 20 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm or cold water
        Repeat this twice every week for a couple of months

        To improve the results of gram flour on your skin, mix it with rosewater instead of plain water. You can also add some lime juice and yoghurt when preparing the paste.

        5. Red Lentils

        Also called Masoor dal, red lentils have long been used in cosmetic products for dealing with dull complexion and other skin issues. You can include red lentils in your regular face pack of making your body scrubs to use every week to get a healthy and beautiful skin.

        Soak 3 to 4 tablespoons of whole red lentils in plain water
        Add 4 tablespoons of fresh raw milk or yoghurt
        Leave it overnight
        Next morning, finely grind it to form a viscous paste
        Apply it on your skin and leave it to dry for 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

        Red lentils paste not only removes the tan but also helps in the removal of dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. Using this pack regularly can result in acne and blemish-free clean skin with little effort.

        Extended exposure to sunlight, particularly in summer, can result to tanning of your skin. This can happen to anyone irrespective of their skincare routine as most cosmetic products may not offer enough protection against sun damage. Fortunately, you don’t have always to dig deeper into your pocket to buy expensive skincare products for dealing with sun tanned skin. You can brighten your skin using pure natural home remedies, including red lentils, yoghurt, cucumber, raw potato and gram flour. These five simple preparations can give you a more youthful and brighter complexion.

        this article and more found here

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