5 Hair Stylist Health Issues To Talk About

Hair stylists and colorists who work in traditional salons with traditional salon tools and products are putting their health and well-being seriously at risk.

At My Hair Trip Salon Denver we only use organic, chemical free product, tools, and services, so our stylists and our clients can have the piece of mind that their health and well-being will not be sacrificed while creating beautiful hair.

These are 5 Hair Stylist Health Issues To Talk About

1. Infertility and Pregnancy Complications in Hair Stylists
hairstylist health issues

Studies have shown that infertility and spontaneous miscarriages are highest among female hairdressers than woman in any other occupation [1].

Everyday, hair stylists are exposed to chemical agents found in hair dyes, keratin treatments, perms, and other in-salon services. While exposure to these chemicals in small amounts may prove innocuous, hair stylist health issues can be directly attributed to the compounding effects of consistent chemical exposure [1].

How does this relate to hair stylists who wish to conceive? The chemicals found in common salon products are suspected to have adverse effects on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis.

Meaning, the pituitary gland (attached to the hypothalamus area of the brain) and a woman’s reproductive organs work in synchronicity to balance hormone levels, and any interruption of this delicate cycle can pose significant issues for pregnant women or those trying to conceive.

Another epidemiologic study focused on hairdressers, found associations with menstrual disorders and higher rates of unprecedented miscarriages among hair stylists. Significant associations were found for irregular cycles, oligomenorrhoea, long blood loss, heavy pains and long pains after confounding correction. [2]

2. Breast Cancer and Cancer Risks of Hair Stylists
hairstylist health issues

One Swedish study, surveying over 1 million women, concluded that pharmaceutical careers and cosmetologists carry the highest increased risks of breast cancer of any occupation [3].

The American Journal of Epidemology concluded that hair stylists had triple the risk of developing breast cancer when they worked with hair dye for over 5 years. Studies showed a direct link to potential breast cancer for hairstylists that used hair dyes on their clients; however, it did not show a significant link for actual salon clients.

Regular exposure to hair dyes, processing agents, and other chemicals used in hair salons and barbershops probably increases cancer risk, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a World Health Organization panel that maintains the world’s most commonly-used system for classifying carcinogens, and is the utmost authoritative source on cancer-causing ingredients.

Unfortunately, breast cancer is not the only cancer that has been proven to appear more in hair stylists. Studies show statistically significant associations between permanent hair dye use and bladder cancer risks; specifically, male hair stylists and barbers have been found to be more likely to have bladder cancer [4].

Scientists attribute some of these hair stylist health issues to aromatic amines in hair color [5].

What is an aromatic amine?
Derivatives of ammonia with an aromatic substitute, usually containing one or more benzene rings. These health pollutants can be found in tobacco smoke, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and environmental pollutants such as, diesel exhaust.

Does your hair color contain any of these common aromatic amines?

O-toulidine/2-methylaniline (classified carcinogen)
Did you know O-toluidine, has been identified in the breast milk of healthy lactating women? [6].

What you may have noticed is the inclusion of PPD (p-phenylenediamine). This ingredient is currently still necessary to permanently color hair. So, what’s the alternative? Select a professional, permanent hair color with the lowest amount of PPDS.

3. Breathing and Respiratory Complications in Hair stylists
hairstylist health issues

One of the most common health issues of hair stylists are respiratory and breathing issues. These complications are attributed to the presence of ammonia in hair color and formaldehyde found in many popular keratin treatments.

Ammonia is a corrosive substance known to cause health issues such as, irritation of the skin, respiratory tract, lungs, and esophageal passage.

The harmful effects of ammonia and formaldehyde have been debated by those in the salon and beauty industry for years. However, we’re beginning to understand that exposure to these chemicals have been linked to upper respiratory diseases, occupational asthma, and in some studies, lung cancer.

4. Contact Dermatitis and Allergies Among Hair Stylists
hairstylist health issues

Hand contact dermatitis is the second most commonly reported occupation skin disease in women [7].

Around 7 of every 10 hair stylists will suffer from work-related dermatitis at some point in their working life – and in severe cases it can mean the end of their career [7].

Contact dermatitis can be caused by frequent exposure to irritating chemicals in hair salon products, bleach, prolonged glove wearing, frequent water use, and use of shampoos and conditioners that are not pH balanced.

Allergic reactions like contact dermatitis are common among hair stylists due to their repetitive exposure to chemicals in salon products.

Allergies are extremely problematic because they can occur after just one use or after multiple uses, and the reactions can be mild to severe. The discomfort can also last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

5. Muscuskeleton Disorders among Hair Stylists
hairstylist health issues

An increasing amount of occupational-related musculoskeletal disorders have been occurring among workers who are exposed to manual labor, work in unusual positions, restricted postures, and do repetitive work.

As most hairdressers stand on their feet all day, it may come to no surprise that muscuskeletal disorders are another common health risk for hair stylists. Not to mention, the posture required to cut and color hair is far from ideal.

Aside from upper and lower back pain, hair stylists are prone to developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – a painful ailment of the nerves and muscles in the hand – as they are frequently using their hands.

This and more can be found at: http://organiccolorsystems.com/hair-stylist-health-issues/

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    3 Lessons From Jennifer Aniston’s Brazilian Blowout Diaster

    Jennifer Aniston chopped off 6 inches of her infamous, honey-hued hair after a mishap with controversial keratin treatment, Brazilian Blowout.

    From her iconic “Rachel” layered hairstyle in the TV show, Friends, to today’s soft, a-line bob Jennifer Aniston’s hair is no stranger to the spotlight.

    All Keratin Treatments Are Not Created Equal
    A whirlwind of controversy has circled treatments such as, Brazilian Blowout as early as 2005. This is due to the inclusion of formaldehyde in their product’s smoothing solution.

    In 2011, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency program of the Department of Health and Human Services, named formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen.

    There has been additional concern that once the product’s solution is heated near the scalp (necessary for application), formaldehyde can penetrate the scalp and hair follicle, causing irreversible damage to the cells responsible for hair growth.

    Meaning, once the hair follicle is damaged, it will have difficulty growing hair, again.

    “If Aniston wanted to maintain her enviable lustrous locks, she could have opted for a keratin treatment that is both formaldehyde-free and contains L-cystine, an amino acid that promotes hair growth,” says Organic Salon Systems’ Technical Director, Rebecca Gregory.

    Lesson 1: Opt for a keratin treatment that is absent of formaldehyde, and promotes hair health. Ex Keragreen

    Heavy Chemical Treatments Can Hurt Hair More Than Help It
    “We are constantly up against this battle,” Gregory continues, “people use hair products that give their hair a temporary feeling of health and shine, but in reality, these products are just packed with petrochemicals and plastics that end up causing the hair to be dry and brittle in the long run.”

    Celebrity Hair Stylist, Rachel Wood says she’s, “not surprised Jen’s doing the chop. Many [treatments] have chemicals that can damage the hair.”
    Lesson 2: Chemically-laden hair products give hair a false feeling of health, and damage strands more in the long run.

    Overly Damaged Hair = Necessary Hair Chop
    Jennifer Aniston’s Brazilian Blowout-induced haircut reminds us that once hair has been damaged beyond repair, it will need to be trimmed (yes, sometimes that trim can be up to 6+ inches).

    If severely damaged hair goes uncut, the hair strands will eventually split completely in half and fall out at the root.

    Which brings us to our final lesson:

    Lesson 3: Damaged hair will have to be cut in order to prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.

    This article and more found at: http://organiccolorsystems.com/jennifer-aniston-brazilian-blowout/

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      Davines’ New MINU Line, Collaboration with Presidia Project

      Slow & Steady
      Davines is making major changes this year. It has updated all nine of its Essential Haircare families—they’re produced using energy from renewable sources with Zero Impact packaging and a reduced use of plastic. MINU is a new addition to those families, and it preserves color with its shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair serum.

      Additionally, Davines is collaborating with the non-profit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity by joining the Presidia Project; the non-profit builds bridges between ecology, gastronomy, ethics and good food and supports 10,000 small producers that grow plants typical of specific places.

      Each family of the Essential Haircare line contains a single active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidium and features the story, face and name of the farmer who grew it. The goal is to kick-start smaller economies and prevent extinction of local artisan traditions.

      Article and more found at: http://www.modernsalon.com/news/davines-new-minu-line-collaboration-presidia-project

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        Denver’s Organic Hair Salon

        WooWeee! We are just having a ball down here at Denver’s Organic Hair Salon. The salon is full, all of our salon suites are occupied. We are loving our team. This crew is truly one of the most talented salon teams in the city, top to bottom. What’s cool about our salon, as opposed to all of the others in Denver is that we can do it all. Most salons have a specialty or a “flavor” or they take a certain type of client or hair type. At My Hair Trip Salon Denver we achieve balance through diversity. We all are different and each of our stylists and colorists are capable of doing any cut any color anytime and for anybody. We pride ourselves on being able to make any client happy with their hair, and we guarantee all of our services.

        The art gallery is really rolling now, and we are so lucky to have so many great local artists in Denver, we never get board with new art on our walls. Fresh artwork on a rotation gives a constantly changing creative atmosphere throughout the salon and the galleries every month. We believe in creating a place where inspiration can flourish uninhibited to create the most beautiful hair possible all the time.

        We have artists renting studios in the basement now, and it is so cool to see how that creative space is developing into something really special in addition to the salon, gallery, and boutique.

        We are really excited about the clothing and jewelry designers we are carrying in the boutique right now and our clients and the citizens of the Denver Art District are really showing their love for the awesome local products we got going on right now.

        We have starting carrying several new organic product lines in the salon as well as making some of our own products now such as organic chap stick, body butter, skin creams, and much more to come.

        We also have a new color enhancement line that is super fun and makes it easy to go from cool fantasy colors back and forth to other colors without the huge process and time and energy and patience it used to have to take to do changes and corrections, and WITHOUT the DAMAGE! This new line is also totally free of any ammonia or PPDS! One of our clients with an allergy to the PPDS found in most hair colors, just gave us the word that 3 days after her color appointment she is reaction-free!!! Hooray!! Now we really can offer color services to all of the people who never could before, because of allergies or medications or any number of reasons. Everyone deserves beautiful hair and now everyone can get it at My Hair Trip Salon Denver, Colorado’s Organic Hair Salon.

        All of our stylists have been training hard and working consistently to get better at creating the best, most beautiful looks with organic hair color and now we are really seeing it pay off. We are rocking organic color right now and we love how happy all of our clients are as they leave our salon and go out into the world looking good, feeling good, and being good, with gorgeous, healthy hair.

        In the works we have
        – our annual party / fashion show coming up in August,
        – All of our stylists are getting their masters certification in organic color next month from Organic Color Systems and we are all super thrilled about it!

        We will always do all that we can to get better at our craft because we love it and we will never rest, because we will always get better for ourselves and for our clients.

        My Hair Trip Salon Denver is becoming all of the things we have imagined it could be and we can’t stop smiling. Come on down, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

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          Meet our newest stylist / makeup artist: Brittany Chavez

          Brittany Chavez graduated from Empire Beauty in September of 2009. She has wanted to be a stylist since she was 16 years old. She has always loved how fun and artistic the beauty industry can be, and she can’t imagine doing anything else in life. Helping others feel amazing about themselves is Brittany’s favorite part of her job.
          Brittany feels strongly convicted to always proceed in continuing her education as a stylist and in staying on top of current trends, so she can make sure she’s able to give her clients the look and feel they desire every time.

          Brittany had the amazing opportunity of working on the Noveau team at Intercouiffure in NYC, which is one of the most prestigious major events a hair stylists can participate in. She was able to work backstage and onstage at the event. She has also been a helping hand at Denver Fashion Week assisting with hair as well as Second Home Spring fashion show applying makeup, another passion of hers. If its fun and challenging you can bet she will be there!

          Brittany started her career at Antoine Du Chez. She began as an assistant going through their advanced training program, as a cutting specialist. After spending time there, she decided to take on a new challenge, learning the ins and outs of coloring hair. Brittany has always picked up on things quickly and is a fast learner.

          Brittany, her two young boys and husband have all been making the organic , green transition over the past 6 months. This lifestyle became important to her after she had her children. When she found out about My Hair Trip, she was determined to become apart of the team! Brittany is excited for this experience, and happy to have finally found a salon home.

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