Davines: Sustainable Beauty

Davines is one of our favorite hair beauty product lines. At Denver’s Organic Salon we do a lot of research on companies we decide to partner with, especially when they involve products we will be using on our clients.

We received an email from a new client concerned about something she had read online about the ingredients in Davines products. This was our owner’s response…

Hi _______,
I can understand your frustrations. I was equally disappointed when we first got the products as well, but when I asked about this and wanted to return the product, I was educated more about Davines products. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for taking your health so seriously! I do too! Originally, this family owned company (Davines) was getting a couple of their ingredients (that seemingly worked best and before parabens were noted for their negative effects on our health) from places that had parabens in them. Davines did not add any specific parabens to their products, but felt it necessary to still be very transparent in everything they knew was in it. Now, this is OLD INFORMATION!! Since January 2015, Davines’ entire product line is completely PARABEN FREE, sulfate free, gluten free, and vegan! They are also one of the most sustainable hair products out there, measuring their emissions and balancing them 100% by planting fruit bearing trees all over the world! They now contribute zero emissions! In addition, they are now acquiring certain key products from local farms in Italy (now labeled right on the bottles) that were previously in danger of being extinct. Personally, I am absolutely delighted to have stuck with this company as it is one of the highest performing products I have used and it balances Colorado’s dry dry weather conditions on the hair.

Now, if this is still not up your alley, we do have other product lines as well, because I like to have variety and I wanted to have, even a MORE pure line than Davines if possible. You might very much adore Phia. It is made locally in Denver, completely plant based, made in small batches, and is sulfate free. Really great stuff. We also have Use Me which is created in Portland, ME and manufactured in Chicago. Also sulfate and paraben free.

I do my research very carefully and if you would like more information about ANYTHING that I have chosen for use in my salon, I would be more than happy to share my research and knowledge!

Thank you and may your day be bright!

– Nicole Zamora –

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