Meet Top-rated stylist / colorist; Erica Nelson

Hey Erica, tell us about yourself.
“Well, My little sister was my first and my longest standing client. She has tested my skills again and again and I now, after years of practice and schooling, and apprenticeship, I feel comfortable to try them on my clients! 🙂 I have gained knowledge of top color lines, including the greatest color line in the world, Organic Color Systems, and am able to play with and bend the laws of color to create unique and lasting designs for my clients. I have also become an expert at prescribing top of the line retail products so that my designs will look as great at home as they do in my chair.
In addition I am a licensed extensionist with Hot Heads hair extension systems.
I would consider women’s cutting and men’s grooming to be my specialty and first love. I feel passionately about my color designs and sending beautiful works of art out onto the streets of Denver.
I am committed to the beauty and fashion industry and love to share all aspects of this business with guests in my chair. I love yoga, running, snowboarding, cooking, all things French, and the outdoors. I am an outgoing, friendly, caring, a hard-worker and a fast learner with lots of energy and I am so happy to have found a salon with a great vibe and a fast pace to call my home.”

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