Eco-friendly Hair Salon in Denver

My Hair Trip salon Denver is a full-service, eco-friendly hair salon we only use products and services that are eco-friendly. We believe that while we are helping to beautify you on the outside we should be nourishing your whole spirit, body, and mind too. As we help to beautify our clients we want to beautify our community and environment as well. A lot of hair and skin products used today contain chemicals that seep into your body and are harmful to you. Also many of the companies that are producing these products are not manufacturing and shipping them in environmentally safe ways. At our organic hair salon in the Denver Art District we only do business with companies that practice environmentally safe manufacturing and distribution practices. Companies like Organic Color Systems.

We provide top salon products and services from top stylists while ensuring our clients health and happiness. There are lots of places to get a haircut in Denver, but there aren’t any like My Hair Trip. We are a truly “green” salon. We are in the process of working with the city of Denver and Exel energy to revamp our whole salon space to make it as “green” and energy efficient as possible. We are switching out all of our lighting to LED, we are looking into solar power, we are utilizing water-saving technology, and we recycle and compost most all of our waste that can be composted or recycled. This is a hair salon in Denver that cares about our clients, our staff, our community, and our environment.

Looking for a hair salon in Denver, CO.? My Hair Trip Salon Denver is Colorado’s newest, eco-friendly, organic hair salon. This hair studio is hands down what you are looking for if you want, convenience, top stylists, and a focus on customer satisfaction. We can give you the look you want with the attention you deserve and provide you with the best chemical-free salon products and services in the state!

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    How can you gain self-confidence and improve your overall well-being?

    Where do I start if I want to gain more self-confidence? Part of what gives you confidence is your look. We don’t mean this in a superficial way, we are not saying you can only be confident if you look “good.” Every single person in this world has beauty to them and everyone perceives beauty differently and those perceptions and views often change and cycle throughout time. So you can’t say looking “good” or being “attractive” is what will give you self-confidence, not exactly. What confident people are, is comfortable with how they look and how they are perceived. When you feel like your look matches your personality and you are accurately perceived by others as to who you are as an individual. Then you start building that self-confidence. Part of this is getting the haircut or hairstyle that you want. At our organic hair salon in Denver, CO, 80204, our stylists focus on giving you the haircut and style that you want.

    Our hairstylists can do so much more than just give you a haircut. Our stylists are focused on you, our client. We listen to you and talk with you to figure out what you want. If you want advice or overall style consultation, we can help you there too, no extra charge. Our hair stylists are highly trained and we continue education continuously with all of our stylists, but what makes our hair salon and stylists different is how we connect with our clients. Our hair stylists understand that listening to you is the most important part of getting you the haircut and hairstyle that you want.

    Get what you want. You work hard for your money, so when you spend it on a service, whoever is giving you that service owes you, exactly what you want. Everyone has had a bad haircut or haircut experience. A time when the stylist clearly wasn’t listening to what you asked for and gave you whatever cut they felt like. The focus of the stylists at My Hair Trip Salon Denver is on the client, on listening to the client, on making a connection with our clients so we can better understand who you are and can therefor give you what you want.

    When your confidence is up, you are riding high everything in your life, like magic, starts to improve. Even if you are feeling good you can always improve your life, you can always feel better. If you aren’t happy building up self-confidence is the first step to changing everything in your life. Imagine yourself in an ideal world, how do you look in your fantasy. When the way you look and are perceived matches who you are then you got it.

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      My Hair Trip Salon – Denver Art District

      My Hair Trip Salon is the newest, trendiest, organic hair salon in Denver, CO. This all-natural hair salon is located at 8th and Santa Fe, smack-dab in the middle of the Denver Art District. Being in this neighborhood is so great for My Hair Trip Salon Denver. Surrounded by artists and entrepreneurs, this neighborhood is such a great fit for our “green” hair salon. The Denver Art District is an awesome neighborhood with a great buzz all around it! It’s been a great area to go and walk around in for a long time, and now a ton of new businesses are choosing to open here, including our hair salon. Denver is such a cool place to live, where we really get what it means to be “green” and why it is important. We feel so fortunate that we can have our salon be here.

      We offer clients a cool place to come get a haircut or hairstyle. We designed and built our salon space utilizing reclaimed materials. We got some of our couches and chairs from our antique store neighbors across the street, (they’re awesome!) We want to be the best hair salon in Denver, but we want to be more than just a great place to get a great haircut. My Hair Trip Salon isn’t just a hair salon. We are a barber shop, active art gallery and retail boutique as well.

      Statistics actually show that the traditional hair salon as a business is decreasing in revenues produced, while the market for the organic salon industry is growing rapidly. The people have spoken, we want a top of the line, high quality, hair salon with organic, chemical free salon products and services. Being here in downtown Denver, Colorado is the place to be, where we are doing what we need to to take care of our planet and our neighborhoods and ourselves.

      My Hair Trip Salon imagines a place where businesses and individuals can help each other. A place where the strongest of us can help to carry the weakest. That is why our salon will be a platform for doing good in our community. This Denver hair salon participates in fundraising for local and national charity organizations as well as donates a percentage of the salon’s profits to charity every year. We can cut your hair and together we can all change the world. As cheesy as it sounds, it is how we feel and we really think that together we can make Denver even more awesome than it already is. There are a lot of hair salons in Denver, we want to be your favorite one.

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