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As one of the most prolific characters of our time pointed out so many years ago, “It’s not easy being green”. Thank you very much, Kermit The Frog! As we embark on a journey to create a green, health conscious beauty salon, I realize that I can’t be solar powered or recycle our water… yet. It is by far, much to large of an expense for our start up. It CAN be and WILL be a goal to work toward. My vision for My Hair Trip Salon Denver, is to be a cutting edge totally environmentally friendly beauty salon where we focus not just on our outward appearances, which of course is why you come to see us, but also to focus on our inner beauty. Just by being aware of the toxins that come in our food, lotions, and potions, we can begin to adjust our health for the better. By making conscious efforts to be a good citizen in our community, we nurture our souls. To me, these are the defining traits of a beautiful person. We look forward to serving our clients in the best way we know how. Continue to follow us, look for our upcoming events, and watch us grow!

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My Hair Trip is proud to be carrying Organic Color Systems for our color line. Organic Color Systems contains no ammonia, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, or resorcinol and is the most natural and organic permanent hair color available worldwide. The activators contain only pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide, which is the same peroxide used in eye drops. These colors come out fabulous! The only difference in processing is that it takes 10 to 15 minutes under some heat! Beautiful!

Our styling products include:

Use Me! Products: Refill, Reuse, Repeat is the concept behind Use Me! Products, an organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly hair care brand. With a focused line of only eight products, Use Me! has perfected each one. This line is made in the USA, Portland, ME to be be exact and the company is made up of four female stylists. Their business model is fantastic! Just like us, they like to make an effort to give back to the world as well! 1% of their profits goes to the Water for Africa fund. How awesome!

Personally, I have loved the cleanser and moisturizer for coarse, dry hair. It takes a couple of washes to get used to not so many suds, because we all have been trained to think that a thick lather means cleaner hair. It does not! The small bit of bubbles I got made my hair clean and even voluminous! After using the entire two bottles, which took about two and a half months for me (washing every other day or so), my hair felt the best its ever felt! I’m hooked! So excited to introduce these products to you!


Davines: Davines summarizes “beautiful and good” (noted on their website www.davines.com) – as the ancients referred to the inseparable unity between exterior and interior beauty – is another way to say “sustainable beauty”. And “sustainable beauty” is another way to say Davines. We couldn’t agree more! Davines uses all natural ingredients, has sustainability standards, and makes hair feel incredible.

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